The Monthly Mashup: January Our Month In Review

Happy January 31st, friends! It’s the last day of the first month of the year, and we’re rolling out a brand new blog series! We’re calling this one The Monthly Mashup. At the end of each month, we’ll be reflecting on some notable events within the Gay household! We think it will be really neat to look back and read about the highlights of each month throughout the year for memory’s sake – a digital diary for our little family, if you will! We hope that this will help us to take more personal pictures, capture more memories, and remember to make time for what is truly important. And if you guys want to follow along, that’d be awesome, too!

1. We booked a cruise!

We will set sail on February 19th and head to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico! We celebrate our third wedding anniversary on February 8th, so this will be our anniversary trip (close enough, right?), and we can’t wait! We’re ready for some rainforest zip lining, morning trivia, karaoke, hot tub chillin’, and getting made fun of by the locals for our pale complexions (“Are you from Iceland?” “You don’t go outside much, do you?” EVERY time.)! Here are a few faves from our last cruise in November of 2015 to get us pumped up!

Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0003.jpg
Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0004.jpg
Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0006.jpg
Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0007.jpg

2. We did some serious goal setting for our business at our annual “Pajama Summit.”

Basically, we stayed in our pjs for a few days and took the time to organize, analyze and plan for 2017. We love our jobs and the couples we serve with all of our hearts, so this was an awesome few days for us!

3. We cooked beautiful breakfasts.

We got an amazing present from some good friends of ours right after Christmas that we were thrilled to put to use. How cool is this cat-face egg stencil!??

Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0002.jpg

4. We finally put our house on the market.

This was a HUGE deal for so many reasons. This was the house that we started our marriage in and a family home that held so many memories. We have put so much work into this house, so to finally list it for sale was an ending to a really special story. We will always love 111 Reid Drive!

If you know anyone looking for a renovated 3 BR/2 Bath in Trussville, Alabama, here’s the listing! 😉

5. We fought a lot of illnesses this month.

From the flu, to the crud, to a stomach bug we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy. It’s been a rough one, but we’ve been great nurses for each other, and it forced us to get some much-needed rest. Jamie actually threw up all over Eric. And the bed. And the floor. The computer, too. And our new comforter that’s still at the cleaner. :/ That hadn’t happened yet in our marriage, and Eric cleaned up vomit and handled the grossness like a champ. No pictures for this one. We know you guys are pretty upset about that.

6. We took lots of cat pictures.

No explanation needed. Here’s a couple just for you! Aren’t they beautiful?

Eric and Jamie January Monthly Mashup | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0001.jpg

7. We celebrated one of our best friend’s birthday by attending an improv comedy show.

And we laughed until we cried. Both Jame and our friend, Katie, got called up to the stage to take part in the skits, which made it even funnier, and when they needed suggestions from the audience, our table would yell something cat-related. The other audience members joined in and started randomly meowing. It was awesome.

8. We shot three INCREDIBLE winter weddings.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, and Mr. and Mrs. Brown!! We are so lucky!

9. We became co-leaders of Birmingham’s chapter of Tuesdays Together.

Tuesdays Together is a monthly meet up organized by the Rising Tide Society. The Rising Tide Society is a group of creatives that lives by the motto, #communityovercompetition, and we LOVE that. We’re thrilled to be leading, and we’d love to have you if you’re a Birmingham-area creative looking to network and get to know others like yourself! Find us on Facebook here.

And that’s a wrap! Hope you’ll check out our next #EJmonthlymashup in February!



  1. Toni Johnson

    February 1st, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Love you all’s blog it was really nice, look forward to seeing the rest of them

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