August 21, 2018

Heather and James met when they were in high school. They dated for 2 years, and Heather describes him as her first true love, but when James went into the military and Heather went to college, they decided to break up. Over the years, they kept in touch, until 2015 (TEN years after they dated […]

August 19, 2018

Amanda and Brandon’s love story is a true modern day romance – they met online! We have seen that story become more and more common with our couples, and we love it! Yes, the internet is full of gossip articles and cat videos that distract us from our work, but the internet is also full […]

August 18, 2018

Callie and Peter met their freshman year of high school in Spanish class. Callie was struggling with the class, and Peter was making perfect scores on all of his assignments. He sat behind her and would help her out, and as they got to know each other, Callie says that he would start to ask […]

August 8, 2018

Hannah and Cameron are a gorgeous couple who are so in love, and that was so evident during their engagement session. Hannah is so friendly and kind, and she has the most beautiful smile! Cameron is so polite and dotes over his bride. They are perfect together! Hannah and Cameron first met at a close […]

July 28, 2018

Caitlin and Christian met at Troy University when Christian was a senior and Caitlin was a sophomore. They were super close friends, but Caitlin didn’t admit her feelings for Christian until after he graduated and moving away! When Caitlin expressed her feelings, Christian let her know that he felt the same way, and their long […]


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