October 13, 2018

One photo that you won’t see in this blog, (but yes, it did make Lauren & Dylan’s final gallery!) is a photo of Dylan holding Lauren’s feet, while she does smiled at the camera with her hands on the ground in a halfways handstand. In elementary school P.E. classes, they lovingly referred to this partner […]

October 11, 2018

Boy meets girl. Girl gets hit by car in school parking lot. Boy checks on girl. Girl has boyfriend who is not the boy. Boy wins girl over and eventually marries girl. Boy and girl have the most heartfelt, joyful wedding day. That’s the gist of Ashlyn & AJ’s love story. Of course, we left […]

October 6, 2018

Kayla and Nic met at a grocery store where they both worked! Grocery stores have been a popular spot for our couples to meet. Our past couple, Megan and Brent, met in the checkout lane at Publix, and they are now expecting their first baby! Now, Kayla and Nic are preparing to get married, so […]

October 6, 2018

Anna & Rusty’s engagement session fell right in the middle of a cold front on the second day of Spring. Before and after their session, we were seeing highs in the mid 70s, but on that day we were facing temperatures in the 50s with crazy wind. Now, we love a good gust of wind, […]

October 3, 2018

Olivia and Luis are just the sweetest couple. By the end of this blog, you’ll feel like you know them personally, just by the way they look at each other with such love! Our associate photographer, Grace, spent the day with them and their families to witness and capture the beginning of their forever, and […]


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