Julie & Miller

Carnivals trigger something in us, don’t they? Even if you’re prone to motion sickness and realize that $5 for 3 darts to throw at some balloons is a little pricey, when the carnival comes to town, the kid inside of you screams LET’S GO!! I NEED FUNNEL CAKE AND AN OVERSIZED STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE RIGHT NOW!! Are we right?! That was certainly the case for us and our friends, Julie and Miller. These two are the kind of people who are game for anything. They’re fun-loving, laid back, hilarious and very easy to talk to – the kind of people we love being around and the perfect double-date duo for an evening at the carnival followed by late night chips and queso at our favorite local cheap Mexican restaurant where we laughed until our faces hurt.

Jamie competed with Julie for a few years in the Miss Alabama system, and she remembers sitting in Julie’s dorm room during competition week and watching Julie read love letters from Miller. The girls would try to get her to read them aloud, and she’d mostly always blush and refuse, except when Miller wrote something profound and adorable, then she’d share a little. Miller may deny it, but he is QUITE the romantic!

This romance came out while we were shooting at the carnival. Through most of the session, Julie and Miller were in their own world; laughing and playing, picking on each other and enjoying one another’s company. They would steal kisses in between shots, and we would have to remind them to “save some for the camera, you guys!!” We could see the reactions of people at the carnival. They watched Julie and Miller be Julie and Miller, and they couldn’t help but smile as they passed by us. Their love is so joyful, and that kind of joy is contagious.

Our friends will celebrate two years of marriage in July, and we’re so excited for them. They really are a match made in Heaven. They understand one another and know that, in order to love together, you have to laugh together. Underneath their playfulness, it’s obvious these two are so devoted to one another and to their marriage, and we know that they will see many more anniversaries together.

If year #2 calls for a carnival, what’s next year, guys? Disney World sounds pretty good to us. We’ll start planning.

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