Happy Birthday, Eric! To my Husband on his Birthday

It was always you.

I’ve been President of the Eric Gay fan club since I was a little girl (really, it was a real thing. We had a Facebook group and everything!) and I’ve served consecutive terms ever since. There was always something special about Eric Gay. I always felt I could confide in you and rely on you. We’ve always been able to laugh together, play together, and talk for hours. Since the day I prank called you when I was twelve years old because I saw the last name “Gay” in a friend’s phone and thought it was funny (who’s laughing now!?) and the day we finally told each other we liked each other on AOL Instant Messenger, to the day we stood in front of our family and friends and promised each other forever, I’ve loved you.

We’ve literally grown up together, babe. We’ve celebrated milestones, mourned tragedies, fought like crazy for each other, and supported each other along the way. We’ve literally watched each other grow from child to adult, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing. We used to stay up all night talking on the phone getting to know each other (talking really quietly into the pillow so our parents couldn’t hear us!!) and now we stay up too late dreaming big dreams and making plans for our future. I thank God so often for our story and that you saw something in me so long ago that led you to stick with me through the hard times and celebrate the good times with me. I’m honored to be your wife. I love you more today that I ever thought I could love another human, and I love you more today that I’ve ever loved you.

So, happy birthday to the man who knows me inside and out and inspires me to be better. I’m so glad you were born, and I’m so glad you’ve chosen me to share the years with. Thank you for being you – hardworking, devoted, kind, passionate you! I love you more than I could ever adequately explain.

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