The Alabama Theatre is a true Birmingham wonder. When you mix the architecture, the lighting and the history of the building with a beautiful bride and her stunning gown, it’s nothing short of spectacular. We were so excited to shoot at the Alabama, and when we saw Rebecca’s wedding dress, we were floored. This bride and her beauty perfectly matched the grandeur of the Theatre. She’s just so regal. That’s a word that we’ve used a lot to describe her and her wedding.

We only had an hour in the venue, and when you’ve got that much dress, a long cathedral veil, two photographers’ gear (and for some reason, Jamie decided this would be a good time to wear heels…?!), additional lighting, etc., moving around from shot to shot, we were a little pressed for time! Rebecca, her mom and sister were such big helps, and Rebecca made it so easy to capture beautiful images under pressure.

We’re sad that Rebecca and Barry’s wedding is over, but also so glad that we can finally share Rebecca’s bridal session. We can’t wait to show you guys the images from their wedding. Here’s some hints as to what to expect from their wedding photos… a grandiose Catholic ceremony in The Cathedral of St. Paul, wedding guests THROWING DOWN to “Turn Down for What,” and a German tradition known as “Ding Dong.” It was a GOOD time – stay tuned.

Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-10_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-16_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-1_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-3_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-19_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-33_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-46_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-49_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-39_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-52_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-87_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-78_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-62_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-74_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-68_FB.jpg
Rebecca Fehr Bridal HiRes-60_FB.jpg



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