Shana had already booked her wedding and engagement photos when she met Eric at America’s First Federal Credit Union (Eric’s day job!). When the conversation got around to photography, like it often times does with us, she decided that she wanted to have some bridal portraits done to give as a present to her father and that she also wanted a private mini session in her wedding dress with her grandfather. We were elated to 1) take bridal portraits of such a sweet and beautiful girl, and 2) be a part of such a tender moment.

Of course the wedding day is about the bride and the groom, but so many other people are touched by the joining of two people, especially the parents and grandparents. This is another reason why we say no, they aren’t just pictures. They are memories and they hold power. They make daddies cry (like Shana said her dad would surely do when he saw her photo in a frame that said “I’ll always be your little girl”) and they give families something to hold on to and smile about (like Shana and her family will decades from now when they see photos of Shana and her grandfather)! No, they are not just pictures.

Shana tied the knot last week, so we’re glad to finally be able to show this pretty girl off. Congratulations, Shana and Matthew!
Shana Bridal-1_FB.jpg
Shana Bridal-4_FB.jpg
Shana Bridal-7_FB.jpg
Shana Bridal-3_FB.jpg



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