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Are there any other twenty-somethings out there that forget that they are twenty-somethings? We recently had a weekend full of senior sessions, and we definitely had a bit of a reality check! These 17 year old girls are mature and easy to talk to, so when we start chatting it up about teachers, classes and what it was like for us when we were that age (just the other day, right?) they begin to look very confused. DUH! Being 17 is different now than it was then, and as much as we want to be young and hip like they are, we’re just not.

Jamie graduated high school 7 years ago, and Eric was homeschooled, but was the class of 2004. We’re far removed from high school, but we forget sometimes! When did we become closer to 30 than 18??! It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for Jamie’s Senior Prom! Maybe we’ll show you pictures someday. They’re bad. Flat hair and acne for the both of us… we digress.

Anyway, Miss Chancey was our first senior of the year, and we loved our time with her. She’s super stylish (that’s pretty obvious!) and adorable in front of the camera. She told us how she decided the night before her shoot after searching her closet for the perfect outfits that she had “nothing to wear,” so she ran out and bought something. A procrastinator after our own heart! We can definitely relate.

At first, Chancey was all smiles for each photo. A few minutes in, we asked her to smirk and give us a nice closed-mouth smile. She said that she couldn’t and that it felt awkward. That’s when we knew she had it in her. It’s always the ones who are uncomfortable who are the rockstars in front of the camera. After some coaxing, she finally gave us this BEAUTIFUL smolder that she rocked throughout the rest of the shoot. Can you say model material!?

Chancey will be graduating from Clay-Chalkville High School in May and will attend the University of Alabama in the fall where she’ll major in communication, she thinks. She has plenty of time to figure it out! Whichever direction she goes, we know she’ll be great, and we wish her the best of luck!

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