Cheers to Three Years Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Three years ago, we woke up to a chilly February morning at The Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham. It was a quiet morning as we started getting ready. Tying ties, steaming dresses, listening to the 2000’s pop Pandora station and The Beatles on shuffle (guess which one of us was listening to the Spice Girls and which one was listening to the fab four). It was like everything was moving in slow motion. You know those cinematic wedding films where the groom throws on his jacket to epic music in the background and it takes 10 seconds because of the slow-mo? That’s real life.

It seemed like every step in the getting ready process resembled our life together, past and future. Jamie putting on her earrings was 16-year-old Jamie putting on red pearl earrings (yes, red pearls) for our first date at Applebee’s. Eric putting his socks on was 24-year-old Eric putting on a pair of bright-colored tacky socks that Jamie got him for Christmas. Jamie touching up her lipstick was 35 year old Jamie making sure everything was just right before heading out for a dinner and movie date night. Eric putting his tuxedo jacket on was 40 year old Eric making sure he looked his best for our son or daughter’s music or dance recital. And when the time came to finally stand face to face, hand in hand, and say, “I do,” it was both of us making a choice every day for the rest of our lives to laugh hard, love passionately, and serve each other humbly.

We can’t help but think about our couples when we think about our own wedding day. About the moments that led them to each other, the moments that led them to their wedding day, and how those moments will shape their life forever. We’re so blessed that a huge part of our marriage is capturing the beginning of other marriages. It is truly the biggest blessing, and it has brought us immeasurable joy in our life.

Cheers to three years. Here’s to sixty more.



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