The Monthly Mashup: June & July Our Month(s) In Review!

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s August! And in case you’ve been following along with us, you know we ghosted all of you in the month of July. We’re sorry. Honestly, by the time we realized we were in the month of July, it was more than halfway over! June and July were filled with a lot of all-day work days at home in our pajamas with coffee and cats right by our side. Since pajamas and bed hair don’t make for exciting stories, we decided to combine June and July into one post! Here’s the double-header edition of the #ejmonthlymashup!

1) We Planned a Vacation!

We have have a rare two weekends in a row off in late July/early August, so we took advantage of the opportunity and planned a vacation! We are going to New York City! We landed at New York City after a few other options fell through based on dates, temperature (did you know that it’s 115 degrees at the Grand Canyon right now!?? NO thanks!!) and just a few circumstances out of our control – but now we are so pumped to get away and explore the city together! So far, we’ve reserved a Broadway show (CATS – are you surprised!?), a night at the Comedy Cellar, brunch in Brooklyn, and a timeslot at a cat cafe (again, are you surprised!?), along with some yummy restaurants! We’re so excited to head out this Saturday!

2) Two Tuesdays Together Meetings

Our Tuesdays Together group gathered at the offices of JAMM Entertainment to discuss SEO and Keyword Marketing, which is a big, hairy, scary subject, but we had a great time breaking it all down into something manageable and productive!
Bridgestreet Gallery and Loft was the perfect setting for July, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the Sharon and the team at GoPro Events for hosting us as we networked over July’s topic: networking! If you’re a creative local to Birmingham and would like to know more about Tuesdays Together, reach out to us here!
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0003.jpg

3) We Committed to the Gym

We’ve found a Crossfit-style class at our local gym that we love, and we’ve decided to really dedicate ourselves to attending every day and sticking to a healthier diet. We’re both down a clothes size or two, and we’ve found a new love (well.. love-hate relationship) for pushing ourselves in the gym! We’re planning to abandon ship for about a week next week for vacation, but we’re hoping we can jump right back on the wagon when we get back to avoid having to abandon ship on our new smaller clothes!!
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0013.jpg

4) We Sold Our House

After one deal fell through and a few bad offers, we finally closed on the house sale in late June. We’ve been playing the double mortgage game for a while, and we’re so glad that’s over! We will so miss the home that housed the first couple of years of our marriage! Goodbye, Reid Drive!

5) Miscellaneous Shenanigans

A cookout, a night on the town, an escape room, a three year old’s birthday, and more!Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0002.jpgEric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0011.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0010.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0014.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0012.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0008.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0005.jpg

6) We Photographed a Bunch of Beautiful Couples
FI Birmingham Alabama Engagement Shoot_0005.jpg

7) And 9 Beautiful Weddings!
FI Birmingham Museum of Art Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0001.jpg
FI kathryn nick_0002.jpg
FI kelly andrew_0001.jpg
FI katelyn kyle_0003.jpg
FI Hoover Ross Bridge Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0001.jpg
FI katherine brad_0004.jpgFI Tutwiler Hotel Wedding | Birmingham Alabama Wedding Photographers_0001.jpg

8) We Took Pictures of (and with) Our Cats
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0006.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0001.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0007.jpg
Eric & Jamie June and July Monthly Mashup_0009.jpg

Lastly, because it feels weird to not mention the elephant in the room or display the good with the bad, we covet your prayers for Jamie’s dad who was diagnosed with cancer last month and for his quick addition to a liver transplant list! He’s the best and the strongest dad in the world (Jamie may be biased!)! Also, please keep numerous members of Eric’s family in your thoughts and prayers as they are facing the loss of an aunt.


We’ll see you in September! To see the very first edition of the Monthly Mashup, click here!



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