February 8, 2017

Three years ago, we woke up to a chilly February morning at The Tutwiler Hotel in Birmingham. It was a quiet morning as we started getting ready. Tying ties, steaming dresses, listening to the 2000’s pop Pandora station and The Beatles on shuffle (guess which one of us was listening to the Spice Girls and […]

November 24, 2016

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting around the Thanksgiving Day dinner table with your family, when someone speaks up. Usually, it’s mom or grandmom, right? The one that suggests, “Let’s go around the table and name something that we are thankful for!” You start racking your brain because you want to say something deep, meaningful […]

February 12, 2016

Happy Friday, all! It’s pretty cold outside, but our modern, southern wedding inspiration shoot has us dreaming of spring! We are so glad to finally share it with you guys! We had a blast making this inspiration shoot come to life, so we were thrilled when we learned that Reverie Gallery, a wedding blog designed […]

February 8, 2016

Today, we’re celebrating our second wedding anniversary! About this time two years ago, we were getting ready for our “first look” where we both bawled like babies because it was FINALLY happening. Marriage is so incredibly special to us, so it’s really important that we took time today to reflect on our relationship and the […]

May 19, 2015

…Until you’ve answered these five questions! Even if we had never picked up a camera in our life, we’d still feel pretty strongly about what a big decision it is to hire a wedding photographer. So, to help you along your way, we’ve put together this list of questions you’ve just got to ask yourself […]


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