Meschelle is a good friend of Jamie’s all the way back from their time competing together in the Miss Alabama/Miss America system AKA Pageant Land. Meesh always won the swimsuit competition – can you tell!? They were bridesmaids in each other’s wedding, and we were excited to work with her on this bridal session. Even though she had about 85 mosquito bites from being out in a tall-grass field around dusk, she was such a good sport, and these turned out beautifully!

We love taking bridal portraits because these photos carry such a profound significance. We picture our client showing her grandchildren these photos of her in her Vera Wang wedding dress and explaining what is what like to be newly married to their grandfather. That’s pretty intense – no pressure, right? There’s something so beautiful and timeless about a good bridal portrait, no matter how fashion trends or hairstyles may change as the years pass us by, and we love being a part of it. We’ve got a great gig.

Meschelle Bridal-23_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-14_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-18_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-3_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-5_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-2_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-1_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-11_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-9_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-12_WEB.jpg
Meschelle Bridal-4_WEB.jpg



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