Karson | Senior

We loved hanging out with Karson, getting to know her, and listening as she told us all about her job as a nanny and her college ambitions. During most senior sessions, we also get to know the senior’s mother, and there’s always an interesting dynamic between mother and daughter. Karson’s mother attended her shoot with her, and in the middle of it all, while Karson was rocking it and we were telling jokes and voicing loudly how amazing she is at this, we glanced back at her. Her eyes were welling up with tears. When she noticed us looking back at her, she said to us, “Y’all. I can’t believe I made THAT.” It was an honor for us to see their sweet mother/daughter relationship in action, and it’s another reason why we love our job so much. We know that Karson and her mother will look back at these photos for years to come and see so much more than just a beautiful girl. They will remember the last year with Karson at home and how proud her mother was to watch Karson grow into a woman. There was a lot of love between those two.

Karson was such a natural. She has a beautiful, genuine smile, and we especially love it when she laughs! She’s so stylish and effortless, and she really made our job easy during her senior session. Hewitt Trussville High School class of 2016 is lucky to have a great girl like her! We’re so grateful that you chose to celebrate this milestone with us, Karson, and we hope your senior year is the BEST! Work hard and have fun as you prepare for your upcoming move to college, and please know that we are rooting for you all the way!

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