The Monthly Mashup: May Our Month in Review

Hello, June!

It’s that time again! Another month has come and gone, and we’re beginning to legitimately think that time is passing more quickly than it used to because we’re almost HALFWAY through 2017! We have to admit, though, that this will be a shorter #ejmonthlymashup post, because we honestly didn’t do much outside of working at our home office and working with incredible couples! Regardless, here is our month in review of May, or May Madness, as we’ve lovingly called it!!

1) We signed a contract to sell our house!
This has been a LONG time coming, and we’re still holding our breath until closing! Our previous home has been on the market since January, but feels like an eternity. While we’re excited to not pay two mortgages anymore (more trips to Chipotle! JK) and will propel us further toward our financial goals, it’s definitely a bittersweet moment because it’s the house that Eric grew up in and the house we spent our first 2.5 years of marriage in. There will always be a place in our hearts for 111 Reid Drive and that beautiful updated kitchen!

2) We attended a concert at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.
Eric’s mom is a music junkie and one artist she really likes is Steve Winwood, known for songs like “Gimme Some Lovin’,” and “Higher Love.” So when she saw he was coming to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and asked if we wanted to go, we said yeah! We had a great time singing along, but something tells us by the photo that we might have been the youngest people in attendance. Oh well, we had a great time!

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0005.jpg

3) Our Monthly Tuesdays Together Meeting.
May’s meeting was all about content marketing, and we met at The Nest, a super cute venue in Avondale. We absolutely love our monthly Tuesday Together meetings because of the camaraderie and natural conversation that happens there. Birmingham is filled with so many talented and intelligent creatives that bring so much to the table!

eric and jamie monthly mashup.jpg

4) We got an espresso machine.
This really doesn’t deserve to be considered a “best of” for the month of May, but Eric REALLY likes espresso, and it’s saved us time and money running to the Starbucks drive-thru, so cheers to that! It was a pretty successful birthday gift. Which brings us to #5…

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0007.jpg

5) Eric’s birthday!!
I (Eric) am writing this, and I’ll be honest about this one. Getting “old” is scary to think about, but in reality, I don’t feel it. Yes, I may have 2 or 3 gray beard hairs and early onset crows feet, but I feel like a young whippersnapper. It really is ridiculous to say I’m getting old, because I still have my whole life ahead of me, but I will say I’ve had more of an urge to tell kids to get off my lawn recently. Anyway. I’m blessed enough to see another year and celebrate with dinner with family, and that awesome espresso machine.

6) We got to photograph inside Bryant-Denney Stadium.
Being from Alabama, it’s almost considered an abomination if you don’t root for one of the two largest college football organizations in the state, The University of Alabama or Auburn University. We grew up in families that root for the Alabama Crimson Tide, but now that we shoot weddings almost every Saturday during football season, we almost feel like posers saying, “Roll Tide!” because we hardly get to watch a game! That being said, it was still pretty stinking cool to have the stadium all to ourselves! Autumn Brooke and Jake are a super sweet couple who attended UA and gained access to have their engagement photos inside Bryant-Denney Stadium. We have to admit, being on the same field as Mark Ingram, Derek Henry, Julio Jones (the list goes on) was awesome in the most literal sense of the word. It was an experience we’ll never forget!

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0006.jpg

7) We shot 6 beautiful weddings in 4 weekends.
Jill & Brandon, Madison & Michael, Kayla & Benj, Katie & Bradley, Jordan & Austin, and Heather & Aaron all said “I do” in May, and there’s no greater honor than to capture the biggest moment in our couple’s lives. We love you all!!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Walker!

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0011.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth!

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0012.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Chandler!

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0013.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas!

katie bradley fi_0002.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Baker!

jordan austin fi_0001.jpg

and Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo!!

heather aaron fi_0003.jpg

8) And cats, because cats.

eric and jamie monthly mashup_0009.jpg
eric and jamie monthly mashup_0010.jpg

Thanks for following along, friends! To see what we’ve been up to since January, catch up with our other Monthly Mashup posts!



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