Our Affordable Secret to Stunning Detail Photos Get Amazing Close Up Photos on a Budget!

One of the things us wedding photographers love is the time at the beginning of the day when we capture all the little details the bride has spent so much time, effort, and money on to wear and display on her wedding day. These details can be anything from her shoes, her earrings, or even heirloom items like her grandmother’s wedding ring. All of these little items mean so much to our brides, so we make it a point to capture them!

To get those little items nice and close to your camera, you need a macro lens (Nikon calls it micro, Canon calls it macro. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe). These are typically around $800 and a lot of times, get put back in the camera bag after detail photos are finished. What a waste, right?! OR…You can save 85% of that money by purchasing macro filters!

Hoya Closeup Filters for Wedding Photography

We owned a macro lens for the first few years of business until we realized our lens wasn’t getting any love after detail photos were finished, so we took a chance on the Hoya Macro Filters, and we haven’t looked back! After shooting two weddings with the Hoya filters, we sold our macro lens! And honestly, we can’t tell enough difference between the two to have a separate lens just for those little details. This is one of the best sub-$100 purchases we’ve made! Eric’s shoulder also thanks him for removing a bulky, weighty lens from his camera bag, too! Just make sure you’re buying the filters for the lens you’re using. We use them on our 85mm lens, so we bought the 67mm filters. You can find the correct size you need by looking at your lens cap, or looking up your lens online to find the filter size.

Who would have guessed that for under $100, you can get beautiful, close-up detail photos like these?!

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